Thursday, October 7, 2010

Social Network

I went to see "The Social Network" yesterday -- another kind of rainy day here in LA - super weird. It was kind of funny to watch a movie that started down the hall from you when you were in college. I am member number 719 on Facebook -- so... I've been on the "social network" since probably about day 3 and I can remember my roommates telling me to sign up to support Mark and Dustin. I have watched it go from Harvard... to Yale/Stanford... and then the World. No one ever could have imagined it would be where it is now back in 2004.

But before Facebook, there was most definitely "Face Mash" and I have to say I was never offended with the site and rather found it humorous. I was for sure on it and definitely checked in on my rating status - I mean, please, who didn't? I do believe the site was up for more than a few hours though and it's unlikely that anyone was woken up at 4 in the morning to worry about the Harvard network -- but good dramatic add for the film.

As for all the talk about the movie being a "character assassination" of Mark Zuckerberg -- I disagree. What successful person - especially in business - hasn't had to be tough, a bit crude and perhaps more directly honest than most people can handle at one point or another? People just don't like to hear things about themselves... and, as he noted, people like things to go their way and often have a hard time coping when they don't. So, of course, they are going to lash out and blame it on other people. The guy is smart, and yes, perhaps he had some moments that were less than "perfect", but he was barely in his 20's and dealing with a heck of a lot when all of this went down. I think he handled it all pretty darn well. I just wish it had been my idea! I mean, don't we all? In the end, I walked away from the film thinking he was kind of a "bad ass" and really admiring him for sticking to his guns, for standing up for himself and his idea and for not letting anyone take it away from him.

Anyway, if you haven't seen the movie yet - do. It's a good flick, even if you didn't live down the hall from Mark and co. in college.

The only other thing the movie did for me was to remind me that I really need to get back in touch with my roommates from college! I can't believe we are approaching 5 years out already!! CRAZY!

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