Friday, October 8, 2010

Cutting hair...

Today's project - cut my boyfriend's hair.

The longer I am out of college, the more I am realizing that taking courses on "Fountains in Central Italy" and the Psychology of "Children and Television," while super interesting, have little application post college. I cannot believe I was allowed to graduate from college, let alone high school, without taking basic courses in cooking, home and car maintenance, tax paying and interviewing for employment. The first time I had to file taxes was an enormous wake-up call for me and being "self employed" with a million write offs did not make things any easier. I'm now also thinking that I should have been educated in basic hair cutting, sewing, carpentry etc. You know, all the little "do it yourself" things that can help a poor post grad scrape by.

Anyway, this was not my first venture into hair cutting and after a slow process, as I was afraid to cut too much off too fast, the hair looks fine and I have a happy boyfriend. I think I may have grown a few grey hairs in the process, but a bit more practice and I think I'll be able to add it to my list of "skills" alongside milking a cow, baking a mean banana bread and saying the alphabet backwards.

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