Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Status Update

Sydney WCS: 23rd place. 6th fastest bike split. 4th American.
Monterrey World Cup: 9th place.
Current World Rank: 37
Current US Rank: 4

Sydney was a spectacular race. Transitioning in front of the Opera House was amazing. I didn't have the best swim, it was hectic and full of massive ferry boat waves, but we all ended up together on the bike. I had a really strong run and got to run with 3 amazing (2008 Olympians) for 2 laps before getting a side cramp with 200m to go. The 23rd place finish in a loaded field was pretty awesome and a great way to open the season.

Monterrey World Cup was another story. I got to wear #1 on my cap, which was pretty cool, but coming out of the "swim" which was more like a lesson in surviving being grabbed and drowned for 1500m, in the 2nd chase pack, proved to be the nail in the coffin. We couldn't, or rather didn't, close down the gap to the front group and came into the run almost :40 seconds down on the leaders. I ran through a few girls, took out the run really hard, and ran one of my best 10k times to date, but it was only good enough for 9th. A disappointing day at the office, but plenty of lessons to be learned and plenty more racing to come.

Current location: Los Angeles. Training for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon on May 2nd. My favorite race because it is a real true and "honest" course. You simply cannot hide AND it being so early in the year, it will be really really cold in that shark infested bay!!

That's all for now!!

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Vincent said...

congrats on the solid start to the season!