Monday, April 26, 2010

Homeless. Coachless. Planless?...

I'm now back, more or less, settled in LA. I'm living with my wonderful "adopted family" here. Being back has been really nice and very refreshing for my soul, so to speak. It is nice sometimes to step away from the training pressure cooker and to surround myself with friends and family who have nothing to do with triathlon. They threw me a birthday party earlier in the week which was so nice and it was a great chance to bring together a whole lot of people that I hadn't seen in quite a while.

A few days ago, my coach informed me that he no longer wishes to work with me. Apparently, my time is up. I had seen this coming for a month or so now so it wasn't a complete shock. As per his usual form, he tried to put some of the decision on my training partners, but based on the outpouring of support from them, I know that many of them are pretty upset about it and sad that I won't be a part of the squad anymore. I appreciate what he has done for me and obviously, based on my results, I have taken large steps in the right direction, but I don't appreciate the reasons or the manner in which things have ended.

Instead of being upset, I see it as an opportunity. A number of athletes had told me in the past that you have to keep moving forward and keep seeking new knowledge as you develop, so, at some point, it is good to change coaches. So, my plan forward is in the works. I've spent the last week working towards the Escape from Alcatraz race and have spent a bit of time reflecting on and thinking about what I need as an athlete and what it will take to be on the start line in London. I have ideas and hopefully some of those ideas will come together to create a really unique and exciting path forward.

For now, I am bracing myself for a very COLD swim and a great weekend in one of my favorite cities, San Fran!


Mtn. Clyde said...

I'm certain there are MANY coaches more than happy to work with a super-talented athlete! I'll be at Marina Green & Crissy Field to cheer you on!

Courtenay said...

Best of luck this weekend - I know it's terrible to feel like someone has given up on you, but sometimes it's more a reflection of their skills/weaknesses than on yours. You deserve someone who believes in you.

Jenna Shoemaker said...

Thank you!!!

When one path ends, although it sometimes takes a bit of bushwhacking, there is another one, often better, waiting. I'm on the hunt and am weighing my options carefully. It's a pretty big decision!

Mtn. Clyde - Look forward to hearing you in San Fran! Hopefully it'll be a good day for me!