Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Check this out...
A big thank you to the folks at for posting this little article about me. I am both flattered and humbled.

Also, check out my "training tips" for the Chicago Triathlon on the Pace of Chicago Blog!


Martin J D'Allura said...

hey jenna, can't read the language but that is a GREAT photo.

Juannito said...

One of my friends will translate the post in english for jenna's blog :)


Juannito said...

I did a translation using Google Translate ...
It is possible that there are serious errors in translation:)

It is strange to know that Jenna Shoemaker is not a Hollywood star. Although he lives in Los Angeles never met a producer who will take her to stardom. Is that while in summer, it was passed on the beach trying to surf a wave. Surfing is one of their greatest amusements of this 25 year old girl.

But most of the year, when not traveling, she can be seen in Boulder, Colorado. There she swim, riding a bike and run. The triathlon is his way of life, although it has its title psychologist in Harvard, where he graduated in 2006. With last in swimming, a specialist in 50 and 100m freestyle, while studying, is also devoted to cycling and athletics. There he discovered triathlon.

The results were not long in coming and quickly earned a spot on Team USA. His greatest success was the 1st place Pan American Cup in Mazatlan, Mexico, last year. He is now dedicated full time to this sport and touring Europe where he participated in the London Triathlon was 6th, and at the World Cup in Hamburg, where he finished 24th.

Because of her beauty and her talent, she is sponsored by many brands, including Adidas, which recently joined. It also has the support of Felt bicycles and watches Garmin.

"I met her in Mazatlan, and I guarantee that it is a" Rodrigo said Nogueras ¡"beleza"!. To him we dedicate this section.