Friday, August 7, 2009

Back in Davos... the end of the Alps is near!

My final week in Davos is now underway! The summer has absolutely zipped by and so has the 2009 triathlon season. That being said, I still have 5 of 6 more races on the calendar for the year, so there is plenty of time for some more big performances!

Here are some photos from London!
33:53 over 9.4k - a good run split on the day!

Enjoying some Pad Thai after the race

After London, I flew to Frankfurt for a day stop over in Lorsch where I had a bike fit done by my friend Lloyd Thomas of It was a really educational experience and we learned a lot about what bike dimensions work well for me as a cyclist, which will be extremely helpful to have in the upcoming years. After all, a good bike fit means added power, added speed and improved efficiency, which often translates to faster running off the bike!

Once back in Davos, I was immediately thrown into some heavy training to get me ready not just for the London World Championships Series race, next weekend, but for the 3 back-to-back weeks of racing that I have coming up. I’m really excited to race in London next weekend. It will be the first test event for the 2012 Olympics and will be a lot of fun since the entire race will be held within Hyde Park.

I was also informed earlier this week that I have qualified for the 2009 USA World Championship Team. Based on my current ranking in the World Championships Series (58th) and my performances this year, I have earned a start at the Grand Final event on the Gold Coast of Australia in September. The news was pretty exciting as it was one of my goals at the start of the year to make the World Championship team. However, for a number of reasons, my coach has asked me decline my spot at the event. Instead, we will stick to my current race plan and wait until next year to give the Grand Final a real go.

With my training partners after the race - Kate Roberts (SA) and Vicky Holland (GB)

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Tridudes - Triathlon Blog said...

Girl, we'll be missing ya in Europe. Good seeing you in Hamburg though.

Let it rip in London.

Catch you later.