Sunday, August 2, 2009

London Triathlon - 6th place

The lead up to this race was rough, as I struggled to recover from Hamburg. I felt better as the days progressed, but didn't get much training in because of my struggling body earlier in the week.

My swim was average, at best, and I was a good minute down out of the swim. I had a good T1 and immediately put my head down and bridged up to a group of 3 about 30 seconds ahead. After doing a lot of work on the 1st half of the bike I decided to conserve my energy and have a solid run since our pack was not going to close the gap to the 4 leaders. A solid run, put me into 6th spot by about 400m into the run and that is where I stayed and finished.

It was another good day at the office, but certainly less than perfect on a lot of fronts. However, I continue to learn more at every race and continue to have good things to celebrate as well as finding plenty of areas to improve on.

Now, I head to Germany for a bike fit and then back to Davos for the last block of training until the London World Championships Series race on August 15th in Hyde Park.

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seb Locteau said...

Well done Girl, keep up the good work.