Saturday, June 14, 2008

Warm day in Boulder

Today was massive. Okay, so the whole week has been massive. This is going to toughen me up, as long as I can keep from breaking.

We had a long ride with intervals followed by a long run off. The ride was rough. I haven't felt that flat in a long time. The legs just wouldn't go. The air was so dry that I had a serious case of cotton mouth. We didn't even notice how much we were sweating until we stopped to get some water on the way home. I went through 3 bottles of water and was still thirsty when it came time to run. The start of the run was alright. I thought my legs would feel worse than they actually did. About 40 minutes into it though I hit shut down. I just could not go forward. Every uphill my heart rate went out of control. It was one of those runs where there was nothing on my IPod I wanted to listen to and I kept looking at my watch every minute and it seemed to be moving in slow motion. I wish I hadn't been suffering so much because the trail we ran on was absolutely incredible. Single-trac up above norther Boulder with amazing views down over the rest of the city. Needless to say, I survived... barely... but ended up at a local coffee shop where I drank a good 24oz of water in about 4 minutes. It was a tough day and 4.5 hours later I was more than happy to be home.


Lutz & Till's Kona 2010 Triathlon Page said...

Hey Jenna,

Sounds like a day in paradise. However, it makes me think if I shouldn't be ramping up my training myself... A LOT!

Have an awesome time in Europe next month.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being a consistent's cool to keep up with you and your training!