Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random smattering of things...

Busy days in Boulder! But only 3 weeks until I head off to Europe to do four races in five weeks, so there is much work to put in and not much time!

I just got the Garmin Edge 705 a few days ago and love it! Everyone needs to be able to find the nearest gas station when they are bonking! So now, I have 2 great Garmin toys to play with, my 405 and my 705! I can't upload things from my 405 just yet, but if you go to Garmin Connect and search for my username (JennaShoemaker) you can see some of my recent rides. As a sponsored athlete, I will be writing a weekly blog for Garmin too. It is posted on their blog site along with other blogs and some great news (like how Garmin is now the title sponsor for Slipstream Cycling).

Guess who?
One of the photos taken as a joke during the Skirt Sports photo shoot is now very seriously online! There will likely be some more "serious" photos in their catalog coming out later this year.

A BIG GOOD LUCK for all of my friends and family racing in Des Moines at the Hyvee World Cup this weekend! Both of my brothers will be racing there - Jarrod as an Elite and Jake in the Junior race! My training partner Sarah Groff will be making a run to snag the final Olympic spot and a number of my very close friends will also toe the line looking for a cut of the massive prize purse!


Anonymous said...

I just got a Garmin Edge 705 yesterday and love too. Thanks for posting your rides online should be fun to watch your progress.

SeanS said...

Jenna, great to see how succesful your training has become. I would like to monitor your races coming up, are you going to put that in our blog? Good Luck.
Sean(from G.)

Chimpunzee said...

I am unable to search for other rides on garmin connect. Perhaps I am just stupid.

On the other hand, I see some of your data on the motionbased site. I looked at some of your bike rides and it shows that your elevation is coming from "GPS unit elevation". This produces really bad data. Did you notice that some of your rides show much more ascent than you experienced? That is why.

Try changing your settings to turn on the "gravity" elevation correction when you use your forerunner 305.