Thursday, June 12, 2008

No rest for the weary

The Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop on the run as I "Escaped from Alcatraz"!

The trip back from San Francisco was certainly one to forget. On top of being totally exhausted from racing earlier in the day, the flight was delayed and ended up arriving to Denver about 30 minutes late. This resulted in my missing the last shuttle back to Boulder. So, at 1am I found myself wandering around the airport in a complete daze trying to sort out how I would manage to get home. After roughly 90 minutes on a shuttle, all through downtown Denver and to a few other locations in Boulder, I was dropped back home. I dragged my very heavy bike box up 3 flights of stairs and made my way to bed. But, as usual, sleep the night after a race is always a bit restless which pretty much resulted in a level of fatigue the next day that I had not experienced in a long time. So much so that I was actually sick with exhaustion.

But, it was back to work on Tuesday. I expected that I would have a few days of recovery and then some aerobic build since I am not racing again until early July. I could not have been more wrong! After doing a bit of all 3 disciplines on Tuesday I found myself thrown straight back into the first of four days of massive sessions on Wednesday. I guess there is really no messing around right now!

Maybe my performance at Alcatraz excited Siri so much that it was cause to ramp up the training right away, but whatever the method behind the madness is, I'm rolling with the punches the best that I can. I will say that the session so far have been what I like to refer to as "train wrecks." My body is so smashed from the race that asking it to go hard has not exactly gone over so well but I guess, if nothing more, I am getting the obvious physical workouts as well as some pretty intense mental ones. These tough days will all pay big dividends later on.

In other news, I have to give a huge congratulatory shout out to Helen Tucker, one of my very closest friend on the ITU circuit, who just won the Elite World Championships in Vancouver on Sunday!! Helen was my travel buddy for the races I did in South America back in January and has been having an amazing comeback year after pretty much not racing last year due to injury. I'm so excited for her and really the win could not have gone to a more genuine and hardworking person! So, CONGRATULATIONS HELEN!!

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IronGambit said...

I e-mailed Alcatraz your blog, so that they know where to find you.