Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Olympic Fever

NBC has started airing coverage of the various Olympic Trial competitions. This past weekend, while recovering from some massive training, I watched some of the coverage for diving and gymnastics. I've watched in the past, but this year it seems to have taken on a new meaning for me.

I don't think I really appreciated the process and really what just getting to those events entails as much as I do now. Although, I failed to qualify for trials this year, having the focus on 2012 and understanding the commitment and dedication, starting yesterday, that it will take to put that dream into action, really makes my heart go out to each of the athletes competing. It's so great to see the comeback stories and to see the completely unexpected happen. Just to see the elation on their faces when all of the hours and sacrifices pay off with a perfect dive, routine or a personal best when it really counts.

Triathlon trials ended this past weekend in Des Moines at the Hyvee World Cup. I watched the race online (coverage will air later in July on NBC) and just watching the event really flipped a switch in my head. I was a little frustrated that I didn't have the chance to be there competing but that frustration really just fuels my motivation to be there and to be a contender in 4 years time. Watching Hunter Kemper cross the line and break down into tears is really what it is all about. He was finally able to realize his dream after numerous injuries, setbacks and disappointments. But when it all mattered he put it on the line and earned the final spot on the team. It is the epitomy of the Olympic dream realized.

This weekend, between training sessions, I am excited to continue watching the Trials. I believe there will be a bit of swimming and perhaps some track and field events.

A big congratulations to all 6 of the members of the US Olympic Triathlon Team for Beijing! I look forward to watching the US team compete in Beijing. It's a great course, tough but fair, and leaves you nowhere to hide. The women race on 8/18 and the men on 8/19.

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