Saturday, June 28, 2008

McDonald's Commerical ...airing now?!

I got a call yesterday from my family back in L.A. They informed me that a check had arrived in the mail from McDonald's. Now, the only reason why McDonald's should owe me any money is if I made the final cut of the Olympic Commercial that I shot for them a few months ago (residual payments... what a great invention). I have yet to see the commercial, but it is apparently airing somewhere. When we shot it, I figured it wouldn't air until closer to the Olympics, and now, with Trials happening, it does seem appropriate for it to show up. I guess it means I should keep a close eye on the advertisements tonight, during Track and Field Trials, as a lot of the footage we took for it was done at the track. But, definitely let me know if you happen to catch it, as I have a feeling I will end up missing it!! :)


IronGambit said...

I just saw a snake... :)

Jamie said...

That is wicked cool. I'll definitely keep an eye out for it.