Monday, June 30, 2008

Computer trouble...

So much to write about and things to vent about as well, but my poor computer had to do a little overnight at the MAC store due to a reoccurring "fever" of sorts. It heats up to the point where I can't touch it or hold it. Of course, they kept it and stressed it out and came back to me saying that nothing is wrong with it. I guess the only good result from the visit is that I did manage to get a replacement IPod for my slightly "skitzo" one that opts to either die after 30 minutes or just not work sometimes.

Had a long ride on the weekend. We did "peak to peak", or our version of it as we didn't really know where we were going, and enjoyed the ride stopping at a small store in Raymond to buy some cold beverages. It was nice to just go out on an easy ride with a bit of solid climbing and not have all out intervals. My Edge 705 came in quite handy as I used the map to sort out when and where we were supposed to turn based on the limited information about the general direction of the ride I had been given prior to departing. The altimeter is pretty awesome too as it draws a little mountain showing what you have climbed and the grade of it.

I will say though, I am a bit frustrated with some of the motorists around here lately. I find that in general people in Boulder are pretty courteous, probably because 90% of them ride bikes, but on our long ride we were honked at far too many times. Sometimes, there simply was nowhere else for us to go. I just get upset because here we are supposed to abide by the laws of the road, stopping at lights and signs, and yet motorists won't acknowledge our right to be on the road. If we are considered vehicles then technically I don't even have to ride in the shoulder, I should be allowed to ride down the middle of the lane. And, we should be allowed to ride side by side if motorcycles are extended that privilege. One woman almost hit me with her car as she drove by refusing to move over - mind you, we were on a dirt road at this point and just trying to make sure we stayed upright in the loose sand. I just don't understand what is so important that people need to risk our lives to get to their final destination a whole 30 seconds faster.

More to come soon, for now, I am exhausted after a long day of training and have an early session to get ready for tomorrow. To bed I go!

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IronGambit said...

good, now I don't have to give you my old iPod. :)