Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July!

My day has been like any other. Three workouts, a few naps and a lot of eating. However, I conquered a treadmill workout today that I have tried, and failed, to do successfully two times previously. I've been pretty tired the last three weeks because the training has been so intense, so I didn't really know how it was going to go over. I got in a really good warm-up but my legs were feeling a bit tight and heavy. I just tried to remember how bad I felt last Friday on the track and how good that session went. So, when Siri wrote out the workout and the speeds at which I was meant to run, I didn't blink and just attacked it.

It was incredible.

I just got in a groove and even as the workout got harder, I just focused on my breathing and knocked it out one interval at a time. My legs took a little while to come around, and even when they finally did, they never felt great. I was just so determined to have a killer session that it really didn't matter what I felt like. I'd say the closest feeling to that workout would be the run I had at Alcatraz where I knew I was running but at the same time almost felt like I was watching myself do the workout. Perhaps the trick was the song I had on repeat on my IPod. Yes, I listened to one song the entire workout!! It has a great back beat and not too many words, plus it is about 7 minutes long, so as long as I restarted before the long intervals, I was unlikely to have a break in music at any critical point.

With Ireland next Saturday, there are few hard sessions left. The training block is almost over and I feel very prepared to conquer anything that is thrown at me in the next few weeks.

Enjoy your BBQ's and fireworks!!!

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