Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I found out yesterday, after a series of interviews, that I was chosen for a National McDonald's Commercial. Being an Olympic year and McDonald's being a sponsor of the US Olympic Team, they were creating a commercial and looking for "Olympic hopefuls"... or so the casting call said.

Turns out that aside from one or two of the other athletes on the shoot today that most of the "athletes" cast were actors with some running background (some fake background for some of them). Disappointing really.

Anyway, still so cool to be chosen to be in a National commerical and for such a big company. I spent most of the day doing nothing and when they finally had me do something it was nothing more than standing on a podium pretending I had won a medal. I did manage to run a mile as "warm-up" to add to my training day, a bit of stretching, and that was about it. So much for being cast as an athlete and then not having to be athletic at all.

Fingers crossed that I don't get cut out of the final!!! Keep your eyes open for it this summer and let me know if you see it on TV!!!

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Does this mean you can score me some free Big Macs?

(Great seeing you yesterday.)