Sunday, March 30, 2008

here, there and everywhere...

I feel like I have been going non-stop since Wednesday.

I came down with a bit of an upset stomach on Thursday which forced me to cut my swim short and to suffer tremendously on my run. But, I was determined not to miss the run workout and vowed to run until I passed out, threw up or fell off the treadmill. It wasn't pretty, but I got through it and am definitely mentally stronger for it.

Friday, I took it easy, as Siri wanted to make sure I kicked my little "illness" as quick as possible but still managed to have a fast swim session knocking off my fastest timed 200m swim time ever. Mind over matter. I got a massage and then just took the rest of the day easy and went to bed really early.

Saturday I headed down to Oceanside with Lauren, Mary and Jason (Lauren's homestay). We wanted to go watch Rinny (Mirinda Carfrae), one of our training partners, race. It was awesome, as I don't often get to see an Ironman 70.3 race. I also had the chance to meet up with a bunch, a lot of, my sponsors. Which, even if only briefly and in passing, was so nice because I don't often get to see so many of them in person. I am also now the proud owner of my new Masi time trial bike!! Tim Jackson, from Masi, brought it out to the race to hand over to me. I can't wait to ride it... but it'll have to wait until after my Japan/Mexico trip as the focus is on some massive performances there.

Last night, Lauren and I got together and made dirty Aussie burgers in honor of the Mooloolaba World Cup race. Unfortunately, there was no audio or video feed, but we still hunched over the computer screen waiting for timing splits to post. They were incredible races and really got me fired up to race in Ishigaki. I think the quote of the event goes to Lisa Norden from Sweden, who had a massive run to finish 3rd, she said "I just wanted to run with the fast girls today. I just wanted to see how fast they run." Really not much more to say... I think it's brilliant. Maybe I need to take on that motto when I run in Japan.

This week will be the last big one before I pack up and head out. I am so excited but I know I need to remain focused and have some really big training days before I head out. I've got a little bit of "proving" to do...

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I'll be rooting for you in Ishigaki- for sure.

Welcome to the Masi family Jenna- it was super awesome to meet you and hand you the bike. Can't wait to see how fast you can make it go!