Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My first TT bike!!

A huge thank you and a welcome to the family for my newest sponsor - MASI BIKES - with a bit of aero product sponsorship from Ritchey.

Introducing my new TT bike.
The Coltello Aero by Masi.

It is my first TT bike ever and I am beyond excited about it!

There she is, in the photo above, waiting to be handed over to me. She will, of course, sport Spinergy wheels, a rear disc when racing, and I will be changing out the aero bars currently on her for a set of the Ritchey Hammerhead Carbon S-Bend TT Bars. That is what I call a fast, sleek and super light bar.

I am so jazzed to have this combination of bike and components under me when racing Alcatraz, Bermuda and the Lifetime Series races this summer. I can't thank Masi and Ritchey enough for believing in me and coming on board to help make this happen. So, look for me on the race course as I speed by.

Stay tuned for an update about my new Masi road bike.

Check them out @ Masi Bikes - Coltello Aero
Ritchey Logic - Hammerhead TT


Jamie said...

Sick new bike! I'm jealous.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

We're so excited to have you aboard our bikes. I'm really looking forward to a long relationship that hopefully goes all the way to the top step of the Olympic podium.

Let's hear it for a great year!