Friday, March 21, 2008

Good ... well.... Bad Friday!

Alarm rings. I roll over. It is only 5 to 7am. A late morning. I am loving it. Because of the lane situation at the Culver City pool, we are only allowed to swim from 8-9am on Friday mornings so it is one day of the week when we can kind of "sleep in".

I get dressed. Putting on my new yellow chick socks that my sister gave me for Easter. Since it was only supposed to be an hour swim I had 1 piece of toast, instead of the usual 2, before heading out the door to meet Lauren and the little blue bus.

It was the usual for the first 10 minutes of the drive. We were actually shocked at the lack of traffic on the 10 freeway as we cruised on down towards the Overland exit. Then, Good Friday went bad.

As we merged over towards the exit lane we were suddenly hit from behind by a car that seemed to accelerate into us. We pulled off to the side of the freeway and fortunately enough, the car, and both of us, were basically uninjured. We'll have to wait a day or two to make sure there is no stiffness or tightening up from the jolt at impact. The woman driving the other car, also a Suzuki (which also had no damage), was totally rude. She started yelling at Lauren telling her she didn't know how to drive. Newsflash... when you rear-end someone YOU are at fault.

But the best part was when she got Lauren's Drivers License in hand and suddenly started demanding an American Passport saying that Lauren had no business being in the USA and that she would need to call the cops.

We both laughed. Fine by us to bring the cops into the equation because, again, she was at fault. We waited, for a while, for them to come. A tow truck showed up and the driver came over to make sure we were okay. We said we were fine but that it was going to make us late to swimming. (Yes, we called Siri to let her know what happened). Since no one was bleeding we were not high priority so we just sat there.

Meanwhile... swimming started without us.

After about 40 minutes of waiting we were directed to drive off the highway to a nearby gas station where a cop was waiting for us. The nice tow truck man did a little dance, swimming motions included, and waved goodbye to us.

So, at this point, Siri told us to go to the jail pool to swim. We had already missed more than 1/2 of the 1 hour swim, so it was pointless to go. We, taking a long scenic route, made our way to the Westwood pool. We walk in the door and there is a line waiting to pay. Now, this wouldn't have been so humorous except that in line in front of us were all of the homeless people just east of the 405. One even had everything he owned in a shopping cart... inside the building... with him. I suppose it is good that they come there to shower, but it was quite the motley crew.

The swim was great. Minus the massive hunger pains... oh how I was longing for that 2nd piece of pre-swim toast I had passed on. We had a few people decide that it would be smart to come into our lane with us. One guy lasted for about 300 meters before leaving and then, after about 10 minutes of stretching and prep, another guy joined us. He was super considerate but I think what ultimately shook him was when we flipped next to each other, he didn't realize I was there, and he kind of squished me. I kept going... obviously... I had an interval to make... but he stopped and never started swimming again. Sorry!

Finally, our adventure ended around 10:45am when we, after a hot and hard 5k swim, apples in hand, walked out of the jail pool and headed home.

Long morning... a bit too much adventure before noon if you ask me!

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