Saturday, March 22, 2008

Typical Saturday Morning Ride

After a good night sleep, I tried to put the happenings of yesterday behind me. It was just one of those days when something is off and you never feel quite right. Maybe the shock of the car accident just rattled me, but I was certainly happy for the day to end.

Lauren and I headed out on a long easy ride this morning. It is a beautiful day and the ride was incredible.

As usual, there were a few fun debris sightings on the road...
- a cell phone
- a car key... funny that one can loose a car key with no car in sight
- a sign reading "BONSAI"... apparently he was selling them off the side of the road
- a shoe... just one
And, fashion was also all around us...
- bib shorts over a tye-dyed wife beater... I can't really say anymore.
- a sleeveless jersey with arm warmers... don't understand this combo
- snake-like tattoos on the back side of both legs... you can't even see your own tattoo when it is on the back of your legs, so what's the point? not to mention the fact that it looked awful.

Got to love L.A. in the springtime!!


Anonymous said...

What, you've never had your shoulders get really hot before?

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Oh crap... I have calf tat's... does that make me a wanker?

(Hanging my head in shame...)