Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the small victories

My little brother wrote his college application essay about his three older siblings and what he has learned from each of us. He wrote, about me, that I am a dreamer. A fair statement. I have always been one. Though only 17, he is quite wise, he commented that though dreaming big, as I do, is important and can help you to reach great heights in life, we must also realize that smaller goals are imperative. The journey is a series of small goals being realized on the way to achieving the big one.

Small victories are all around me right now. Thanks to Jake, I have started to appreciate them for how amazing they really can be. A small victory for me is as simple as remembering to take all of my vitamins and supplements during the day. Even though it may seem insignificant, it is a victory over a choice to do everything right, which I promised to myself before this season started.

I had another small victory tonight. At performance training with Harry this evening, I made Harry cry. Okay, so it was not buckets but rather a welling of the eyes with tears, but it really made me smile. It came after I completed, successfully, for the first time an exercise that only a week ago I was not able to do. In my joy, I gave him a huge high-five and it was then that I realized that this small victory, tackling the exercise, was not only a victory for me, but also for him.

One baby step down....

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