Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Falling Asleep

I crashed around 4pm yesterday. After the morning swim, work at TriFit and then the long afternoon session with Siri, which was bloody hard, I could barely think straight. I took a little nap and was ready to skip the optional evening run, but ended up going out for an easy 2.5 miles with my California Mom. It was so nice out and actually felt good to do the run despite having been so tired leading up to it.

The funny part though, is that I had a lot of trouble falling asleep last night. My body was so tired that my arm muscles actually were physically hurting as I was lying in bed trying to relax. Eventually, of course, I slept, but it was restless. My body is still adjusting to long days and lots of training.

This morning, I can't say that I was too happy when the alarm rang at 4:30, I mean who would be?! But it was time to head to TriFit to knock out 6,000 yds in the "bat cave" on my own. Just me an my music. It's hard to jump in to the pool when it is so cold and dark outside, but there is this strange feeling of serenity and peace since there is no one around. It is a good time to reflect and to just be in the moment with myself, no distractions. I promised myself I would commit fully and so to begin to realize that promise to myself makes me smile on the inside despite the pain, soreness and ever growing fatigue.

I'm off to complete the workouts for the day, a ride/run that will hopefully be a bit less crazy than Sunday's adventure. Tonight I am heading to an art show, which will be a lot of fun, as long as I can stay awake!! :)

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