Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous 2008.

I challenge you to take a moment and step back. Remember those goals that you may have tucked away or brushed aside. We all have them. Whether it be to get in shape, to spend more time with our families, to learn a new language or to win an Olympic Gold Medal. Pull it out, face it - head on - and do something about it. One step at a time. For me, that is what 2008 is about, tackling goals that I have tucked away for a later time and too easily made excuses to hide from. I'm not hiding anymore.

I have two resolutions for the year ahead.
First: I offer myself a clean slate. I will tuck the past and all of its lessons learned in my back pocket. I invite the future to "bring it on" because I'm ready.
Second: I want to smile, a lot and often. It has been a while since I have allowed myself to really just have fun... well, ready, set... GO!

What will 2008 bring?
Beijing... hard hours of training... new beginnings... exciting change... laughter... love...
It's going to be a good one.

All my best.

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