Saturday, December 29, 2007

A few days...

It has been a few days. Not so much that there was nothing to write about, but more that I simply have not had much time to sit down and really digest the happenings.

Good news is, you can actually see grass now!! The white winterland is slowly disappearing. We have had some solid melting during the day combined with a few rain showers to help move things along... but, don't get too excited, apparently a snow storm is coming Monday. I'll have to get out and enjoy it tomorrow on my long run.

Martha's 19th Birthday was on the 27th. I can't believe she is nineteen!! Unfortunately, that means I'm getting older too :(. Poor kid, sick to her stomach, could not really enjoy her day. But we all tried to celebrate the best that we could. I promised her I would make it up to her when I come visit her in NYC after my SoAm trip. A trip to Magnolia Bakery, with a candle in hand, and some Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual shopping will definitely be in order!!

I spent the night of her birthday, the 27th, babysitting at my cousins house. Hayden, my two year old cousin, is so cute and so much fun to spend time with. He reminds me to take things less seriously and that the silliest toys and situations can really be outrageously funny. We read about six books before bed because, being as smart as he is, he knew that when the books ended it was time to sleep. It's funny, he always sleeps through the night for his other babysitters, but, when I am there (hence my nickname "party girl") the party gets started earlier than normal. Hayden was up and ready to "watch movie with you" before 6:30am. I took one for the team and watched Toy Story with him which translated into a morning nap and downtime for his mom when she returned from her overnight work shift. So, in the end it worked out great.

Training has been soild. It is still hard to ride and run as I would like since I have been cooped up indoors, but the mental challenge will translate well on race day. Adversity is always there, so being mentally ready to tackle anything is so important. I just look at every day and every workout as a learning and building experience. Swimming has been going really well and I am posting times that I have not seen for years, if ever. I know that with limited prep time for these races that there is still a long way to go, but it is a starting point on a brand new year, a new season and a new Jenna.

Well it is time to focus my attention back on the Patriots. Teams from Boston seem to have a message this year, "nothing is impossible." It's not a bad year to be from Boston and it certainly reminds me to keep working hard and dreaming big.


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Jameson said...

I'm not even a huge football fan, but the Pats game yesterday was awesome!

Now I'm just waiting for the season to start so I can use some of this inspiration.