Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Braving the cold...

...or at least trying to.

I did my ride, just over 2 hours, indoors but then thought I would go on an adventure and run outdoors. I figured it would be a good change for my legs after a bunch of days in a row on the treadmill. After slowly running, basically walking, down the ice covered driveway, I headed off on my short run. I felt great at the beginning, legs were turning over and my body seemed thrilled to be on the roads again. However, about 20 minutes in, my ipod shut off because it was too cold and then my body began to seize up. The end of the run was tough because my hamstrings and quads were so cold they both became really short. I remember now why I don't like running in the cold. But, the run did prove to me that my legs should be ready to go in South America which I have been a bit nervous about. We didn't have much time to prepare, but it looks like, as usual, Siri is right on with what my body needed to be ready.

Time for a short nap and then I have a swim workout with Jarrod and the masters team tonight to look forward to.

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