Wednesday, November 28, 2007


After a really long day, I offered to cover a shift at Trifit before I realized I was already opening, with another 4:30am swim and a run on my 2 hour break between shifts, I was feeling a little slap happy. Even so, I decided to go to a Yoga class with my California parents.

I have not done Yoga since my days at Harvard. We used to have Yoga class as a swim team. It was always amusing because most of us were really strong but not that flexible. We would watch the teacher fold herself in 1/2 and start laughing.

This class was really low key, which was nice, and although I could do the poses, I could not hold them for very long because my body was so tired. I think it could be a good addition to my training routine, just once a week, to stretch my body out and calm my mind.

My life has become so hectic that I really do rely on my little calendar on my computer. Pretty much every hour of every day is accounted for. It's nice, as I feel like I have aim and purpose, but it can be quite overwhelming at times too. It was definitely nice to close my eyes and focus on what my body was doing and nothing else for 75 minutes.

It is too easy to always be on the go, and it makes me think that perhaps I should start to integrate a daily meditation ritual to center myself and clear my head from all of the chaos of the day. It is certainly something to think about and consider.

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