Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vacation - Day 2

As quickly as my vacation started, it ended.

I went to the doctor yesterday thinking I was going to get adjusted and have some treatment on my hip. Basically, I went hoping to be pampered.

Instead, I ended up meeting with Harry Mitterbauer. He is a former Austrian skiier who now works in "sports performance and corrective exercise" and is going to be retraining my body so that I am ready to fly in all three disciplines next year. He works at Santa Monica Sports Medicine. We did some initial analysis and talked about my concerns. He did some basic exercises to test my weaknesses. It was amazing to see how weak I was in certain areas and how much I compensated for it in others.

Today, the analysis continues. I am going to meet with him and go running, swimming and riding so that he can analyze my gait, my stroke and my power output. Then we are going to come up with sport specific exercises to correct my issues.

I'm so excited to start working with him. However, I wasn't quite ready to get back in a pool or to build my bike just yet. I thought I had at least another week! But for one day, and a lifetime of difference, I think I can manage. So the vacation is on hold today while I make my initial preparations for a very fast 2008.

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