Friday, November 9, 2007

1 Day to go...


I woke at 7 this morning. Not sure why I was up so early, but I didn't fight it. After waking myself up, I headed out on my short pre-race prep run. It is a brisk morning and I bundled up well, as I have been doing since I got sick, but still had some trouble breathing in the crips very fall air. My legs felt pretty good and I'm feeling ready to go for tomorrow.

After running, I spent a really long time trying to build my bike. Once would think I didn't put it together very often. For some reason, the chain got all twisted and knotted and it took me a good twenty minutes to figure out how it got itself so mangled. Eventually I figured it out and got it all put together. I'll take it out later to check the gears and open up the leggies a bit.

Now, it's time for breakfast - a little yogurt, bagel, fruit...

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