Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ouch. That is about all I can say right now.

So, yesterday, I was eager as ever and took off running trying to run "slower" as per my coaching request. Got about 5k in and realized I was running almost race pace... just chugging along at a good clip. But by the end of my 5 mile endeavor my legs were screaming at me. A very loud WTF!! Ha! Today, they are sore... so sore. I still got up, out the door, and ran. 3 days down... many many more to come :) I'm still as excited as ever but laughing at my eagerness and my body feeling like it has never run before! How a few weeks of down time can totally wipe the slate clean.

In other news -- check out the OCTOBER issue of Outside Magazine. I am featured in the XX Factor as one of the new "goddesses of adventure" ... I am in amazing company with the likes of Torah Bright (gold medal snowboarder) as well as three other incredible women. It was a total honor to be asked to be in the issue and I've been waiting SOOOOO patiently for it to come out!!! So, CHECK IT OUT!!!!

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Jesse Logan said...

Hi Jenna!

Congratulations on the Outside mag shoot. You looked great.

I was just reading about your lower sugar plan. I think with all the calories you burn you should eat what you feel like.

Being lighter short term doesn't necessarily mean being stronger faster long term. (If you don't give your body enough sugar to recover it will just take the amino acids and use them like glucose(but its not as efficient because that means more nitrogen waste for your kidneys to deal with (and less amino acids to rebuild your muscles)))

I've found that wearing multilayer gel insoles really helps my body deal with the pavement.

Trigosamine is a really great joint supplement also. (For young athletes too) :-)
They sell it at Rite Aid and CVS.

I've been into training with ice cold water therapy as a means of enabling staying cool when it gets hot outside. I mix it up with a little Iron-Tek Creatine from Whole Foods.

Anyways, I do independent personal training and massage therapy (non-sexual) in Los Angeles and I'd love to work with you. No charge. (you know for America)

I hope that you "stay natural" steroid, doping-free. I know there's alot of pressure to win. But I really think that you can naturally.

Good Charma.

~Jesse Logan~
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