Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1

First day back to training.

Confession - I was supposed to run early in the day today. But, I didn't get up until 10 and then was running errands etc. I put the run off until 5 tonight, which, albeit was later than I was supposed to run, made me happy because I kind of like running at that pre-dusk time of day.

Confession 2 - I ran last night. I had to blow off some steam so I just went out in the dark (in the semi-ghetto) and ran... kind of fast... which you would probably do if you were running there in the middle of the night.

Anyway, day 1 is in the bank. My body is now saying "WTF" meanwhile my soul is screaming "F*ck YEAH!" I'm really looking forward to the direction we are headed and having so much time to try to get things accomplished.

Day 1 - complete.

Oh and if you are "bored" stop by the LA Triathlon website and check out the video I made for them!! The LA race is here on October 2nd!!!


Emily said...

how far do you typically run? or do you just time it?

Dan Cuson said...

From a non-professional wanna-be triathlete (1-2 sprints a year), i'm glad a pros body says "wtf". Thanks for the post - inspiring for me to get my ass back in gear

Dan Cuson said...

I'm motivated from about March to August and depending on what i'm training for (Indianapolis 500 half marathon, sprint triathlons, etc), I could run 3 miles regularly with a few 5-6 mi, and a couple 8-10 mi runs. I prefer the bike as it seems to be a more rounded workout. However, something i've just had to live with is speed - or actually, lack there of. I know I can do things like intervals, fartleks, tempo runs, etc, but I 1) don't have the right motivation at the right time and 2) don't have a set schedule to follow. Also, I don't feed my body right. I think, aside from genetics, that's what sets people like you aside from people like me, and why you are a pro and i'm not. That's why I am searching through blogs like yours - to see how you guys tick, and how I can apply some of that to myself. I'm sure i've given you just a little to much info...

Anonymous said...

Good post, adding it to my blog now, thanks. :)