Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just another week...

Nothing too exciting to report... just another great week "at the office" here in Australia. Lots of hard work, hard training and some beautiful days that only help to remind me of how fortunate I am. I visited my Australian "voodoo" doctor 6 times this week and I am pleased to say that my body now twitches and tingles on its own accord, a truly unique experience! Sometimes, as boring as it may be, it is nice to have a week when there is little to report on :) The photo above is after 1 of 3 very wet rides in a row last week - I was really happy when the sun decided to come back out this week!

We have a photo journalist following us around for a few weeks, doing a story on the group, and she captured this image after our hard Tuesday run session. Lots of smiles covering up the extreme fatigue we were all feeling only a few minutes earlier!

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