Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tour du Suisse and Zug

I had the great honor of riding in the Garmin Team car for the 1st stage of the Tour du Suisse. The tour happened to come through Davos, the town I am living and training in, and the stage happened to start and finish here. It was really great to see the race from inside the car and fun to watch the guys riding on the same roads that we train on day in and day out. Obviously, they ride a lot faster than we do, as was obvious as we flew down the descents just trying to keep up with them! It was certainly a great experience and a great change of pace from my normal routine! Hopefully I can get myself over to see a stage of the Tour de France at some point while I'm living over here in Europe.

The day before the Tour, we traveled to Zug (near Zurich) for a Formula 1 type race. It was 2 sprint triathlons (500m/7.5k/2k) back to back. More or less, it was great transition practice. I had never done a race like this before, so I didn't know what to expect. It was terrific being back at sea level and having lots of oxygen! I felt like my fitness was right on form, despite being a bit tired and flat, but I just didn't have the leg speed in the run that I needed for such a short race. I ended up 6th on the day but felt that it was an excellent tune up in the preparation for my upcoming US tour (D.C and Des Moines).

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seb Locteau said...

Hi Jenna,

Well done, great to see you working hard.

Keep working !!! I am sure this season is going to be great for you.