Sunday, October 19, 2008

3 weeks down under...

First... a photo from Interbike!

This photo came from the Masi Bicycles booth at Interbike Vegas back in September! How cool to have a life size image of myself hugging my beautiful Coltello TT bike! If you haven't checked their bikes out... you should! Masi Bikes!

Time has been flying by. I guess that is probably because I'm currently laying down over 30 hour training weeks, and no, that is no exaggeration, so when I'm not training I'm asleep or eating. I thought I was training a lot before, but this is just madness! I now have everyone wondering when I'm making my Ironman debut. I'm sorry to disappoint folks, but that won't be for at least another half dozen years or more. The half Ironman race was traumatic enough.

I'm now into a routine. One that involves smashing myself repeatedly and then some more when I think I've had enough. Not having my coach here has actually been a really good test for me. It's easy enough to get up and head out for the sessions when you have a coach waiting at the door, looking at his watch, but what happens when suddenly the only person you are accountable to is yourself? Well, I've discovered that, for the most part, I'm shockingly motivated right now. After almost a year straight, with no real breaks, I would have thought the motivation and desire would need a little nudging, but not so. Perhaps it is because I am in a new place and I have a new coach to impress, but whatever it is, it's working.

Swimming takes place at the Palm Beach Club (nope, not Florida - although there is a Miami here as well) with the National Squad. It is quite fun because aside from a few open water kids and a few surf lifesavers the rest are just swimmers. Some, okay most of them, are almost 1/2 my age. I never thought I'd feel so old at 24! The coaches are great and are really understanding of the other training that I have going on, but they are also eager to push me and to challenge me which, of course, I look forward to. I'm not swimming as much as I'm used to at the moment, so fitness has been a bit slow to come around, but I'm feeling better and better in the water every day now.

Riding and running is a lot of technical practice and my brain is constantly going through the checklist making sure I'm doing all the little things right. Going back to that level, the basic skills, is great, as those little things are what pay big dividends later. With the amount of mileage and the hours I'm putting in I'm hoping that all the changes will become second nature quickly. I heard it takes 21 days to break a habit, so hopefully when I hit that mark things will start to flow without quite as much thought!

I was recently invited to partner with the Trinited team. Their website is fantastic and I will be working with them through blog posts detailing my training (similar to what you find here), product testing and other interactive ventures like question/answer sessions. It is a relationship I hope to develop and grow over the course of my career, so be sure to drop by their site and take a look. I'm going to need to learn to speak German soon so that I can post in German for their European following too!

So, anyway, that is all from my corner of the world. Spring time in Australia is beautiful! Hopefully now that things are calming down a bit over here I'll have some more time to post for you all!

My best! Thanks for reading :)

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