Friday, August 1, 2008

Some images from Poznan, Poland

All photos are courtesy of Helle Frederiksen's parents (thank you!).

Training in Lake Malta the day before the race with Helle and Taryn. You can see the numbered turn buoys for the course out in front of us.

Leaving T1 in first with Helle close behind.

Helmet off... shoes on...

Off on to the run course!

Post race photo with Helle. Was a great day of racing and so much fun to have someone to work with off the front!

Helle made sure to share her champagne with me. 1 sip of that and I needed to sit down!!

All dressed up after the race, ready to head to the downtown for some dinner and sight-seeing.


Jamie said...

Haha in that picture of you and helle post race, the old dude behind you is totally checking you out.

IronGambit said...

yup :)