Friday, August 1, 2008

On mandatory... and much needed... holiday!

Alright, so it is only a 2 day holiday, but probably the most needed 2 day holiday of the year. I have not had a real "break" from training and racing since I started the season... last November. I started racing January 6th and it has been pretty full on since then. I think, after 3 in a row and heaps of travel it all finally caught up to me...

Wednesday was my first real day back training after the drive to Germany Monday and an easier day on Tuesday. I headed out on a longer run in the morning and struggled to get through it, but thought I would be fine and come out of it by the end of the day. My swim session in the afternoon was massive, but I got through it really well. I was acutally shocked at how well I was feeling in the water as I felt like death upon arrival to the pool.

But, waking up Thursday morning, I felt like I had been run over by a massive truck... or six. I headed to the pool with the guys and got motivated to tackle a pretty intense swim session. Sometimes in the morning it just takes a bit before my body wakes up, so I thought I might swim my way out of my funk. 300 meters in, I knew I was in trouble. I struggled and got through 1500 meters before deciding I should exit the water and speak to my coach.

Sure enough, after emailing with her and explaining exactly how I was feeling, I was put on a mandatory 2 day break from triathlon. Later in the afternoon, after my nap, I could hardly function. Walking around was difficult and thinking was even harder. It certainly seems that we made the right call. It is not muscular fatigue but rather physical exhaustion. I've never really felt anything like this before.

Today, Friday, I am feeling a bit better, but still struggled sleeping last night. I will enjoy an entire day off and am planning to spend as much of it in bed as possible. Then, I'll get back to work tomorrow and begin my preparation for London! As it is, resting more now will probably only help me when I toe the start line on Sunday.

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