Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Night in L.A.

The Night: Dinner & Gallery Opening with my sister and some friends.

Celebrity Sighting: One of the Olsen twins... we are thinking it was Ashley.
Location: Joan's on 3rd.
Attire: John Lennon Esq. dark sunglasses, cut off jean shorts, black velvet ankle boots, a huge hobo bag (of course), plenty of big bangle jewelry and an over sized brown shawl/coat of some sort. It was hard to miss her because no one else could dress like that and get away with it.

This was quite exiting as I felt I was due for a big celeb sighting. We walked into Joan's on 3rd and Martha immediately said "I think that is one of the Olsen's." I looked. Took in the attire, body movements and was convinced rather quickly that it was indeed one of them. So, within 10 minutes of our night out the celeb sighting for Martha's visit was taken care of.

Desert: Slice of Snickers Cake. SO delicious and so worth every single calorie. I split it with Martha which is a good thing because it was enormous and so yummy.

After dinner, we headed to a small art gallery in the area. There was a photography exhibit opening. The pictures were massive (in size) and just really neat to look at. The contrast between the white backgrounds and the bright colors in the people he photographed made the pieces say something that a normal photographer could not have captured. We took some time to people watch while at the gallery (apparently there were a number of big Hollywood types there... not that I would have had any idea.)

Worst Fashion of the Evening: Black heel sandals, tapered Adidas Track pants and a frilly purple and blue dress blouse. It was like she was at the gym and realized she forgot pants so she kept her workout bottoms on but dressed up the rest of her. Odd. That's L.A. for you.
Location: Art Gallery in Beverlywood area.

Just another night in L.A. Bad fashion, big time (but small sized) celebrities and amazing desert. :)

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This must be M+B Gallery