Friday, February 15, 2008

Website and Bike Design...

I have this amazing opportunity to work with Bose Collins, a design firm out of the UK ( They have done some phenomenal work with websites and design in the past so I contacted them about working together on the "Green is Gold" initiative. They love the idea of working with me and, as it is, believe that the cause is one worth getting involved with. We are talking about having them design my website and design some cool graphics for my bikes. Of course, as usual, money is an issue, so I must now sort out a way to fund the project. I really believe in their work and I want to be able to work with them, as I think they can add something really special to my initiative.

So, now the question is, how do I fund the project? Obviously, the wesbite is critical... now to put my brain to work. :)

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