Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just another Wednesday...

Conversations of the day:
While riding up Mandeville this morning, for the third time.
"Where is (insert name here)?"
"Oh, she doesn't have a bike."

While getting my first massage in over 2 months:
Massage Therapist laughing hard.
Me: What?
Therapist: Oooohhhhh. It's bad.
(moves to the other side)
Therapist: Ohhhh. No. (more laughter)
Me: What? Is it that bad? Worse than the other side?
Therapist: No. Not that bad. But not good.

Tasty Treat of the day:
Rice Krispie Treats with M&Ms (made by my California Mom, Susan)

Bathing Suit of the day:
Bright Neon Lime Green with Yellow Trim by TYR
Reason for wearing it:
"If I drown, at least they'll be able to see me at the bottom of the pool."

Recipe of the day:
Ablondigas Soup. It turned out amazing (yes, I cooked it)!! Turkey meatballs, carrots, tomatoes, leeks... YUM!

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