Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just another Thursday...

Conversation of the day:
At the end of a long morning swim practice...
Bec: "Are these sprints optional?"
Me: (decisively without hesitation) "No."
Groff: "Are they ever?"

Low point of the day:
Crying into my goggles during the third round of a really hard main set in the pool.

High point of the day:
Pulling out a 4 second time drop on my hundred while crying into my goggles.

Sponsor News!!
XTerra Wetsuits has signed on as my wetsuit and speedsuit sponsor for 2008. I am so excited to wear the Vector Pro X2 (full john) with the smallest drag coefficient of any wetsuit on the market. Less drag = faster swimming!! Their new speedsuit (Velocity 002) is also the fastest speedsuit on the market, posting amazing results at races, including Kona, last year.

Be sure to head to their website XTerra Wetsuits to check out their line!! A big thanks to XTerra for their support and belief in me!

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Juan Vergara said...

Hi Jenna, I'm a triathlete from Spain. Very good Blog! I added you to mine.