Friday, February 8, 2008

Honking, Random Stuff and Mr. Blunt

I had a 3 hour ride yesterday and a group of us set out together. It was a beautiful day, not too chilly with lots of sunshine. Maybe that is why everyone was in such a good mood. For the first time in a while, minus the few close calls with cars that refused to move over, all of the honking was positive and not negative. We got honked at no less than four times by cars driving by and once were so fortunate to have two guys lean out of their window shouting something to us as they drove by. Humorous. To add to that, there was a random array of junk on the road. We saw: a broom, two gloves, a shirt, a dead bird :( and two banana peels. I was having a good time calling the junk out to the girls behind me while being careful to remember to call out the crater sized potholes as well. The ride was a blast because we kept the tempo nice and easy and really just enjoyed each others company... and of course the honking. Yeah, we know, 6 girls riding bikes is exciting.

Then, I gussied up and headed to the Wiltern for the James Blunt concert.

I must say that Sara Bareilles, who opened for him, was exceptional. If you have not heard her music, you really should. Her album is called "Little Voice". She has a great voice and, maybe the reason I like her so much, she has some darn depressing but seriously heartfelt lyrics.

Anyway, the main point of the adventure was to see and support James and his new Album "All the Lost Souls" (again, if you don't have it... buy it, now.) I haven't seen him play in a while and was so excited to be there, and to be standing 3 rows back on the floor pretty much right in front of him. I must say, of all the concerts I have seen him play, and there have been many, that this one was just phenomenal. His new music is amazing and he really played last night with his entire mind, body and soul. There were points when I was almost moved to tears because the emotion was just so raw.

I have to say, being at the Wiltern and watching him perform is a far cry from when I first saw and met him over 2 years ago in Boston. He certainly has "made it" which makes me happy to see. Although, I do miss the days of him signing autographs in the lobby and being able to walk around without TMZ hunting him down.

Then, of course, I was up for training this morning before 6:30am. But, nothing, not even a few less hours of sleep, could ruin my mood. It was a nice chance for me to do something for me and to take my mind off of triathlon and finances and all of the other stressors for a few hours.

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