Thursday, February 21, 2008


I must admit, though I'm sure I'm not alone, that I have taken to "googling" myself on occasion. Now, this is not for any vain reasons but more so to just keep tabs on what exactly is on the internet about me. It is often quite humorous, as many times you have no idea where the stuff comes from. It is also interesting to see how many other people have the same exact name as you. Most of the time I am astonished at the random things that end up showing up.

With the most recent google I found:
1. Bike World reason to ride #3 I don't know that I am really a reason to ride but thank you to the person who submitted me. It appears with all of the millions of response posts it got that I am definitely a reason why people ride. Haha.

2. Photos from Vina Del Mar A special thank you to the mysterious photographer who took these oh so flatter photos at the finish line.

3. Rec league swim records This is probably one of my favorite finds. My 100 IM record still stands... and I was always rubbish at breast stroke!!

4.My proudest moment... #6 Ok, only kidding. But at least this article spares me the humiliating photo. I wouldn't think it was so bad had I won... but I lost in round #1!!! Oh well.

Good for a laugh or two I hope! Time for a nap. It has been, and will continue to be, a doozy of a week!

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