Monday, February 18, 2008

10 Things about me...

I spend a lot of time talking about training and my life, however random it may be, so now, here is a little more about me... a few things you might like to, or maybe don't want to, know about me.

1. I don't drink coffee.
2. I love apples. Any kind, any color... especially freshly picked off the tree.
3. My favorite color is red. Not just any red though, a dark blood red... the red of passion.
4. I was born on Good Friday. Though, I'm not sure why they call it that since religiously speaking it was not really a "good" day.
5. My favorite Easter candy are peeps... Yes, the sugar coated marshmallow balls of deliciousness. I was delighted to see that they now make strawberry peeps in the shape of hearts for Valentine's Day. I believe there may be Halloween peeps as well... it just keeps getting better.
6. I can't sleep on my left side. I can feel my heart beating and it weirds me out.
7. My eyes are not really blue, or green... they are sunflower. If you look closely you will understand why.
8. I have my own constellation. No, not of stars... of freckles on my stomach!
9. My favorite sound is the ocean meeting the shore.
10. I'm really ticklish... though I try to pretend I'm not :)


peepsnatcher said...

As a fellow connoisseur of Peeps and all of their empty-calorie-double-sugary goodness in all shapes/flavors/forms, I believe they are best when they're YELLOW and the shape of, well, peeps.
Why else would they be called peeps if they're also in the shape of hearts, pumpkins, Christmas trees, etc.?
What next? Color them brown and call them Poops? You have to admit, the shape is similar. :)
Good luck this season.

Jameson said...

Wow, who knew there were TWO people that liked peeps.