Sunday, December 16, 2007

San Diego

How quickly time flies!

I can't believe it is already Sunday (and I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner!). I have been so busy that I have hardly had time to take a deep breath, let alone sit down to write about it all.

Last week was full of training, epic swims, runs and bikes. I am finally starting to understand the patterns and the idea that my body will be permanently sore and tired for a while to come. However, that doesn't make it any easier. Siri has been amazing and has been working more or less one-on-one with me for my big swim workouts which is making a world of difference. I think my training has already stepped up a level. It makes me excited for when the whole group arrives in January.

On Friday morning, after a swim and run, I packed up and headed down to San Diego for a photo shoot with Injinji. They make performance toe socks which are pretty awesome ( I've been friendly with them for a while and have worked for them in the past. This year they asked me to do some modeling for their catalog and other promotional materials as a sponsored athlete. I gladly obliged, so this weekend was spent capturing some images for them. It was a great time, but COLD running around in my racing suit as the sun was setting.

While in San Diego, I, of course, had training to do. I got in my ride/run and a swim yesterday before the shoot. It was a pretty non-stop weekend but certainly a nice change of pace with new scenery for riding and running. The ride took me north-east through neighborhoods filled with the smell of amazing Mexican food and then I ran along the harbor way.

Only a few more days and then I'm on a plane back to Boston for what looks to be a white Christmas. So much to do!!!!

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