Monday, December 10, 2007

Q-Link on board for 2008!

I am proud and honored to announce that Q-Link, developers of SRT and elctromagnetic field repelent technology, are partnering with me this season.

"Q-Link is the most advanced personal energy system available today. A quarter century of frontier research has given birth to the Q-Link, a sleek pendant that tunes your being for optimal living: More energy, less stress, greater focus, and enhanced well being. No matter what you do, the Q-Link simply helps you feel better and gives you a creative edge by helping to harmonize your mind and body."

We hope to introduce a limited edition green Qlink in conjunction with my new initiative for this season (to be announced soon, stay tuned) as well as to work together to create an improved sports bracelet for in-competition use. The technology is amazing and I hope to be able to share it with as many people as possible!

I am so excited to be a brand ambassador for them. Stay tuned for a link from here that you can use to purchase your own Qlink!!

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