Friday, November 2, 2007


Yesterday was my first day working at TriFit. Well, it was more of a training day than a real work day, but I got my feet wet answering phones and checking members in. It's the perfect addition to my schedule as it will help me financially and most of the time I am already at the gym anyway, so it doesn't require any real commute. Over the course of the next few days I will log about 18 hours here. So I now have 3 jobs. Two that pay and one, my "real" one, that will start paying one of these days.

I had to make the trek to Palos Verdes to babysit this afternoon. I'm a bit under the weather right now, so the drive was pretty painful. There was way too much traffic for my liking. It's funny, everytime the kids get sick, I end up coming down with something similar about a week later. This is the second time it has happened. Lesson learned.

I took yesterday off, and only did a short run today, in hopes of minimizing the severity of whatever it is that I caught. Hopefully, since I don't feel worse today, I will start to feel better tomorrow. I only have a week until Treasure Island, so there really is not time to be sick right now.

On another note, my hip, which has been bothering me since I ran the Boston 1/2 Marathon about a month ago, is doing much better. I have been working with Santa Monica Sports Medicine ( and Dr. Mary Trumpi. She has been phenomenal. I highly recommend going to see her if you are in the area and need an adjustment or some active release. There is no way I would have been able to race in Bermuda had I not found her.

I plan to continue treatment with her all winter. She has been the key to keeping me running smoothly and I feel very blessed to have found her. I will also start working with her partner Harry Mitterbauer during the off-season to do some corrective strength training exercises. This should improve my efficiency and performance. I am really excited to work with him and to make some big gains by simply evening out my musculature.

Stay healthy!!

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