Saturday, November 17, 2007

Training Day 1

I started my complete body overhaul yesterday with Harry Mitterbauer. I was not sure what to expect, but I knew it was not going to be easy. He came up with exercises I didn't know existed and had me struggling to get trhough the hour workout. I'm a bit sore today, which makes me really happy because I love that feeling. Being sore means you are making progress and ultimately getting closer to that goal of racing faster.

After training, I headed to PV to babysit. The youngest, the 4 year old, is in a stage where he likes to test adults over everything. If he doesn't like something he throws a fit and starts crying, fake tears, until you hug him and let him have his way. Well, at bedtime, I went to war and ultimatley, after about 45 minutes, won the battle as he fell asleep on the floor. It was exhausting.

I then decided to go out with a few of girls my age when I got home. We went to Busbys in West Hollywood. It's the first time I have gone out to a bar/club in a while and I think it'll be the last. Although I had a great time with them and met a lot of nice new people, I'm not a fan of being hit on by unattractive and totally enebriated men. It just doesn't work for me. I'm not sure why they think slurred pickup lines and aggresively grabbing my arm is going to make me want to do anything but run the other direction. Oh well. It was a good time and there were many laughs, just no attractive men to be found.

Today, is low key. I don't think I have anything planned, and I quite like that. I'm going to probably stay in my PJs for as long as possible and watch a lot of TV. Vacation is not going to last much longer, so I'm going to enjoy it!!!

GOOD LUCK to my mom and little brother Jake who are coaching field hockey and running respectively in the Massachusetts state finals today!

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