Monday, November 5, 2007

Marathon of a day...

After loading up on Nyquil last night, (no I am not opposed to taking whatever drugs (legal drugs) are necessary to knock the crap out of my cold) I slept well and woke to my alarm at 5:15am. I had to be in to work at the health club by 6am. Hilarious how I can't remember the last time I got up at 5am to train, yet I was up to go to work. Time to start making the sacrifices.

I worked at the club from 6 until 11am, checking people in and out, answering phone calls, folding towels - you know, the usual handy work. I'm good at being handy. Mind you, I also knocked back some DayQuil every 4 hours and some Cold Snap (as per my coaches instructions). At 11, I jumped in the pool for a nice 1200 yard swim. I haven't been in the pool since Wednesday before I came down with my cold. I felt alright, actually, surpringly good, but I resisted the urge to push harder as I could feel that my HR is still a bit too high suggesting my body is still busy fighting. I kept it short and headed back to work.

At 3pm, I was finally released, well temporarily. I sped home (figuratively speaking), ate a PBJ sandwich and threw on some running clothes. I was informed at about 2pm that I needed to attend a 4pm staff meeting, so I decided to run there. The meeting was short and from there I continued on my nice little jog. I hadn't run since my Thursday 20 minute attempt that ended in my almost falling over from dizziness. Today was much more pleasant. I think the super taper is coming along very nicely.

I'm feeling heaps better now. I'm definitely still in recovery, but I am finally starting to think that I may come out of this and still have a very solid showing in Treasure Island. Fingers crossed!

I head out on Thursday, until then I will probably just keep the training easy with perhaps a few accelerations as Saturday approaches to get the "nigglies" (as Siri says) out.


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