Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Packed up for Europe

I'm all set to travel to Europe later today for the Hamburg and London stops on the World Championships Series tour. These will be my last two events before the Grand Final in Budapest in September. I love racing in Europe because the crowds are loud and the atmosphere is fantastic.

I've been pretty busy the last few weeks. I took a trip down to Chula Vista as I mentioned to do some training with my new running coach. That was extremely successful and we are making some very solid progress. I then went to Big Bear for the 4th of July which was incredible. It was nice to get away and to spend some time with friends - even if I did have to ditch the fun every few hours to get another workout in. It was also a "mini altitude camp" since Big Bear is at about 7000 feet. Now back in LA, I've had a few photo shoots - a real one, more details to come, and one for more personal stuff - and I have just been trying to balance everything so that I can have 2 more solid races.

In the past, I have raced with the pink and blue ribbons on my suit to honor breast and colon cancer and to help raise awareness for these 2 terrible kinds of cancer. I am now also supporting Millions From One which is an incredible charity. The mission is to find and get clean water sources for people all over the world. Just by purchasing a $10 bracelet you can help more than 3000 people get access to clean water. As a triathlete, swimming in bodies of water all around the world, I know how important clean water is. Every year people get sick after races, even when we are in places that you would think should be relatively clean, which just goes to show that it doesn't take a third world country for the water quality to be poor. So, if you have some time, I recommend checking it out and supporting the cause!

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