Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random fact for the day.

I love fruit.

Okay, yes, that's a super boring fact BUT I don't just love fruit, in particular, I love to eat fruit that is not quite ripe. The crunchier the pear, the peach, the plum, the better!! This doesn't apply to bananas though as they are quite vile when not ripe.

I also eat as many of my fruits as possible in their entirety. Mangos (aside from the core) go down skin and all. Pears I eat everything but the stem and apples are the same. Bananas are an exception to the rule, again, because though I've never tried it, seeing how monkeys don't even eat the peels, I can't imagine they taste all that wonderful. I suppose oranges don't really apply either, as orange peels aren't that tasty, but I do open them by first biting off the nobbed end, peeling it down and then eating it slice by slice.

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