Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In and around Boulder and the USA

Interbike: I spent a few days out in Las Vegas at Interbike. It was a great experience and it gave me an opportunity to see some of the awesome new products that are out there and to talk to some really great people in the industry. I did an autograph signing for 3T which was great fun. I'm always excited to meet people who know me and follow my career and to be able to give them some pointers or words of wisdom... and I'm also quite happy when they have no idea who I am!

I have been working hard on my partnerships and sponsorships for the 2010 season. I am renewing partnerships with a number of companies and am looking forward to starting some great, new and exciting ones as well. It is important to me to consider carefully the companies that I choose to work with and to remain loyal to all of those people who have been behind me for the past few years. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead to find out more about the companies and people who are helping to keep the Olympic dream alive.

On top of working a few days a week as a nanny, I have been spending a lot of time in rehab working on building up my muscles and sorting out what exactly has been causing the pain in my left leg/hip. It has been a month now since I have been "living in pain" which is terrific and slowly but surely I am building back into my running and cycling. The good news is that the pain subsided in large part on its own, which suggests that there isn't anything really serious going on and with the help of some great doctors and therapists at Boulder Center for Sports Med as well as Tri Massage, I am beginning to understand that it is probably just a series of muscle compensation patterns gone wrong!

The weather has been interesting in Colorado. One day its 75 and sunny and two days later we are in the middle of a blizzard. I'm not sure how I feel about it and with another impending storm coming in the next few days I'm starting to think I should learn how to snow shoe or ski or something!

This weekend I am heading to New York City for the New York City Marathon. Clearly, I'm not running, but my mother is, so I am heading out East to cheer her on. It will also allow me to spend some time with my younger siblings and to meet with the people from the American Cancer Society since I will be officially partnering with them starting in 2010. It is a partnership that means a lot to me and something I am very excited to get to work on!

After that, I have about two months until I head back to Australia for the beginning of training camp. I have started to ease back into training with a more swim focused block which will give my legs a bit more time to heal and become rebalanced before I overload them with training again. I'm really excited about the 2010 season and honestly wish I could start my run block now... but... as in everything, there are lessons... and I'm learning to be patient right now.


Mtn. Clyde said...

Speaking of 3T... After using the Zefiro for a few races, what are you impressions? Also, do you know when it will be available in the US? (hopefully in time for next year's season! :-)

Jenna Shoemaker said...

I have what I refer to as the "whale tail" on my bike (the mini aero bar part) but the handlebars were only produced in 42 initially and were therefore too large for me to put on my bike. I am waiting for a smaller size to be released before I add them to my bike setup. I am really anxious to get it on my bike as it really gives you the best of both worlds. I believe they should be available in the US this year - they were promoting them at Interbike - so I'd just keep an eye out for them!!

Mtn. Clyde said...

Well... If you feel the need to de-clutter your home, let me know. I'm dying to get my hands on it! (And 42 is perfect for me!)