Friday, May 29, 2009

Davos, Switzerland

I am now living in Davos, Switzerland... in the middle of the Swiss Alps!! Have a look on a map, it is really in the middle of nowhere!! I landed in Zurich and traveled by 3 trains about 2.5 hours to get to my new home. The weather here is a bit chilly at the moment - only about 12c - but it is absolutely spectacular and the training will be incredible. Davos is at 1560m so the air is thin, there are plenty of mountains to ride and run up and a pool that we have all to ourselves in the morning. It will be great to take my Garmin devices out and explore some new terrain with them. It is a pretty great setup, I feel very lucky, and it is fantastic to be back with my coach and training group again!

I'm looking forward to a big 3 weeks of training before I head back to the US for the Washington D.C. and Des Moines races at the end of June.

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Anonymous said...

so you flew all the way over to Davos, Switzerland to get in some solid training in for DC and Des Moines? Are you nuts?!?! much cooler than what you'll be racing in for DC and Des Moines.
Jet lag? Common sense? You're basically blowin' any home court advantage.